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Payment Gateway

In addition to an ecommerce website, to start trading online there are 2 other main requirements: a payment gateway to collect and send your customers’ payment details from your website to the banking network; and an internet merchant account to collect the funds from online transactions (which are subsequently transferred to your normal business bank account). Our payment processing expertise – we are part of the SoEasy group which owns the SoEasyPay payment gateway – means we can provide both of the above and make it faster, easier and more rewarding to trade online. Issues we help our clients address include:
  • The time taken & complexity of getting set up to accept payments online
  • Cash flow being affected by banks withholding/delaying transfer of funds
  • Lost sales caused by the payment gateway or merchant account being down
  • Profits being affected by the exorbitant fees imposed on international card transactions 
  • Losing sales because payment pages are not properly set up for mobile devices

Making it simpler & faster to get started

Getting set up to accept payments online typically involves you going to a payment services provider for a payment gateway; then going to a bank to organise your merchant account and negotiate your transaction rate; plus you need to provide all the relevant documentation. SoEasySoft does all the work for you. All our ecommerce platforms are already integrated into the SoEasyPay payment gateway and we can organise a merchant account/s, including negotiating a competitive rate and taking care of the documentation. So you can start trading online much faster, with less work and fuss. (NB. Should you prefer, we can connect your SoEasySoft ecommerce site to any payment gateway, eg WorldPay, Paypal, Sage Pay, and you can organise your merchant account independently.) 
  • Convenience of online payment 'one stop shop' – We can take care of everything for you, providing both a payment gateway AND merchant account/s.
  • All-in-one packages potentially halving monthly fees – While many payment service providers appear to offer attractive monthly charges, these are often only for the payment gateway, and you have to pay another fee to a bank for your merchant account – effectively doubling your monthly costs. We provide all-in-one solutions offering one low combined fee covering both your merchant account and payment gateway. (Clients with a high volume of transactions are not charged payment gateway fees.)
  • Competitive rates – If you need a merchant account, our relationship with 30+ acquiring banks, means we can negotiate a highly competitive rate for your sector and size of business.
  • Fast set up (5-7 days) – Setting up a merchant account can often take a month or longer, but we typically take 5-7 days, so you can start trading online and making money faster.
  • Catering for ‘high risk’ sectors eg travel or cosmetics – Because we work with 30+ acquiring banks, whatever your business, we should be able to match you with a suitable bank.
  • Easy, flexible integration with your website – we offer 2 integration solutions: hosted payment pages which are a fast, easy, cost-effective option ideal for SMEs, and self-hosted payment pages (API) which offer more functionality and flexibility.

A global independent payment gateway dedicated to improving your bottom line

Unlike most payment gateways, SoEasyPay is not associated with any particular bank, making it more agile and competitive – and free to focus on your best interests. So as well as delivering everything you would expect from a payment services provider – competitive rates and fast, reliable, secure payment processing – using SoEasyPay as your payment gateway can also save you money and improve your cash flow in ways you many not even be aware of. 
  • Fast settlement – Forget waiting for your money for a month or even a week, SoEasyPay can typically offer settlement within 1-3 days for corporate/enterprises and within 5-7 days for SMEs.
  • Avoid high cross border transaction fees – If you trade internationally SoEasyPay can set up multiple merchant accounts in countries where you trade so you are not penalised by high cross border transaction fees.
  • More uptime – Especially for large enterprises, your payment platform going down can mean considerable lost revenue – the SoEasyPay payment gateway is exceptionally reliable with just 4 minutes of downtime in two years. Equally having your merchant account go down can affect profits. In this situation, you have the option of having your transactions automatically rerouted to a back-up merchant account from a different bank.  
  • Monitoring decline & conversion rates – SoEasyPay monitors your decline and conversion rates to alert you early to errors causing lost sales.
  • Technical flexibility – If you need a non-standard feature in your payment gateway (almost inevitable for larger businesses), it can usually be added quickly, in days or even hours.
  • Multiple hosted payment pages – SoEasyPay is unique in offering multiple hosted payment pages, so you can test which design increases sales conversions for your business and set up several payment pages optimised for different mobile devices to improve conversions.
  • Security – The SoEasyPay payment gateway offers the highest level security for your customers’ data – it is level 1 PCI DSS compliant.
The SoEasyPay payment gateway offers many other key benefits – several of which are unique – to read more visit 
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