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Whether you want to sell a few niche products or create an online retail giant, SoEasySoft can create a professionally designed, secure, user and search-engine friendly ecommerce website customised to your needs. In addition, our expertise in related areas – we can also organise your payment gateway, merchant account/s, mobile web shop, SEO & SEM and security – makes trading online easier, faster and much more lucrative. Issues we help our clients address include:
  • Missed business opportunities through not tapping into the growing online market
  • Poor SEO, site design & cumbersome check-out systems affecting sales
  • Clunky integration and time consuming set-up of an online shop

Make sure your business doesn’t miss out

Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing markets – for example, in 2010, online sales in the UK were £44 billion (€52 billion) or 10.7% of UK retail trade (+16% on 2008)*. Despite tough economic conditions for retailers, it is one area forecast to continue growing, doubtless helped by the convenience and perceived value of shopping online. Compared with operating a physical retail outlet or trade counter, ecommerce also involves minimal cost and effort, with very low cost per sale and easier access to a global market.
*Based on CRR research commissioned by Kelkoo

Creating a shopping experience that maximises your sales

We create well-designed, well-structured web shops in pursuit of 2 key objectives: to attract the maximum number of visitors AND convert as many as possible into customers. Firstly, we draw on our SEO and internet marketing expertise to make sure potential customers know your online shop exists and to drive search engine traffic to your site. 
Secondly, we use our extensive ecommerce knowledge to maximise your sales conversion rates. There is clear evidence that professional looking e-shops are more likely to gain the trust of visitors – and achieve more sales – than ugly, poorly designed ones, so we focus on great looking sites, with good photographs and product descriptions. Just as importantly, we create user-friendly sites that give visitors a great experience and make it easy to shop. This comes from incorporating a range of features/know-how that all impact on conversion: eg web shops that are fast to upload; easy navigation; clear instructions; simple and easy checkout procedure; and getting customers to sign up/register after shopping.          
  • Search engine friendly web shops & internet marketing (SEM) to maximise site traffic
  • Highest standards of design & useability to maximise sales conversions

Taking the pain out of ecommerce

Setting up ecommerce capabilities can be complex and time-consuming. SoEasySoft’s ecommerce experience and ‘one stop shop’ ethos take the pain out of the whole process. 
  • Customised ecommerce platform – Working with multiple ecommerce platforms (eg Magento, Drupal, Joomla etc) allows us to recommend the right one for your specific needs (we help clients who sell 1 product and others who have 20,000+). Our developers’ in-depth knowledge of the different platforms also means we can customise a platform to your requirements, fix any errors (a common problem), improve the code so it works better, and make the most of its retail and store management tools.   
  • Smooth integration – Poor integration can be a huge frustration. Our developers ensure smooth integration of the web shop, shopping cart, checkout system and payment gateway with your website. We can also integrate your web shop with POS, EPOS and fulfilment systems.
  • Fast project turnaround – In weeks rather than months.
  • Payment gateway/merchant account – All our ecommerce platforms are already integrated into the SoEasyPay payment gateway and, thanks to our relationship with 30+ acquiring banks, we can also set up a merchant account/s for you at competitive rates – saving considerable time and money. (Should you prefer, we can connect your web shop to any payment gateway and you can organise your merchant account independently.) 
  • Easy to administer – All our ecommerce sites have a CMS and are easy to manage, maintain & extend
  • Mobile web shop – We can also provide a separate mobile ecommerce website specifically designed for a mobile environment, to deliver optimum sales conversion rates.  
  • SSL certification, PCI compliance & anti-fraud – Cardholder data theft is a major concern for internet shoppers. We protect your customers’ data by ensuring appropriate SSL security certification and PCI compliance. Any online business is also a potential target for online fraud, so we protect your business with extensive fraud screening tools and services.
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